Radr : a public alias for your private email

Share your Radr email on social media with confidence and maintain a spam-free inbox. Radr efficiently forwards emails to your personal account only after senders successfully complete a CAPTCHA challenge. This simple step helps ensure that only genuine inquiries make it to you, keeping your inbox free from spam and unwanted messages.


How Radr works

Connect exclusively with serious individuals and avoid time-wasters

Choose your Radr alias.

Choose a Radr email (e.g. jane@radr.co) and map it to your personal email (e.g. jane.anderson@gmail.com)

Share your Radr email anywhere you connect with your audience.

Share your Radr email on social media, newsletters, websites, and more without worrying about spam.

Enjoy direct, spam-free communication.

Individuals trying to email you will need to complete complex CAPTCHA challenges, helping keep the spammers, bots and time-wasters away.

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Set-up your Radr Account

Choose a radr email address, map it to your personal email address. Relax!

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How Radr works

Email senders get a CAPTCHA challenge.

Radr works


Privacy Policy

We prioritize your privacy. Our product is designed so that we cannot access or sell your data, even if we wanted to. We don't store your emails; they are forwarded in real-time and never retained. This commitment to not storing user data is the cornerstone of our privacy policy.


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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.

  • What is Radr?

    Radr is an email forwarding service which provides you an alias for your existing email addresses. Radr filters spam from emails sent to the alias. It does this by requiring email senders to pass a CAPTCHA test.

  • How does Radr ensure my email remains private?

    Your email address is not revealed to the sender. We create a unique relay email address for routing emails between you and the sender.

  • Is there a limit to the number of alias emails I can create?

    No :)

  • Do I need a special app to use Radr?

    You don't need an app or visit a website for using Radr. You can use it within your existing inbox in Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Proton Mail etc.

  • How does Radr keep my email address private when I reply?

    We hide your email address when we forward your reply. We use a unique relay email address for routing emails between you and the sender.

  • Which CAPTCHA service does Radr use to filter spam?

    We use hCaptcha.



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